Complete Itinerary for a Week-Long Vacation in Sikkim

Sikkim is a great place for a soothing vacation. It has a great combination of snow-clad mountains, valleys with beautiful rhododendrons, waterfalls, lakes, a tea estate and much more. Here, we have suggested a week-long itinerary, based on our own experience, which you can use for a perfect holiday in Sikkim.

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127 thoughts on “Complete Itinerary for a Week-Long Vacation in Sikkim”

  1. Hi prakhar,

    Beautiful description n very well curated article. Thanks.
    We are visiting sikkim in Sept. 7 nights n 6 days.
    We have an infant with us n thought if covering pelling n gangtok, 3 days each. Staying at royal demazong gangtok n baiguney club mahindra.

    Any suggestions from your end would be of great help.


    1. Hi Divya

      Glad that found our blog helpful 🙂
      Since you’re traveling with an infant it’s great that you have kept the itinerary relaxed.
      Do cover the attractions mentioned on the way to pelling and a quick stop at Namchi checking out the tea gardens is a must too.

      You could do the Pelling Darjeling route too if you’re willing to make the trip a little less relaxed, otherwise this sounds great.

      Do carry rain gear since it will be raining cats and dogs in the north east then.

      In case you have any queries do drop a comment.

      Hope you have a great trip.

      Happy traveling 🙂

  2. Hey Prakhar,
    Wonderful and well curated blog.we too are a group of six people and planning to visit sikkim and darjelling this december. i have few doubts in my mind, it would be of much help if you help me in clearing them
    1. you booked a private taxi or shared one and what about the price of it?
    2. please enlighten me about the money you spent on accommodation

    1. Hi Umang

      Glad that you liked our Blog.
      1) We had booked a private taxi, the cost will vary depending on season but should be somewhere around 35-40 k for the whole trip.
      2) We used a local travel agent to book all the hotels and cabs for us, so we wouldn’t know the split for hotels but you can get a decent room for INR 1000/- in most places in sikkim, Gangtok might be a little expensive.

      Hope this helps. Have a great trip.
      Happy Traveling 🙂

  3. Hi Prakhar,
    I am planning to visit Sikkim for honeymoon in Feb 2018 for 5N6D trip starting from 10th feb. Could you please suggest if it is good idea to visit sikkim during this period

    1. Hi Lokesh

      Congratulation on your wedding 🙂
      Sikkim will be cold in Feb, North Sikkim might experience snow fall and traveling to that part of Sikkim might take longer than usual.
      Also, in North sikkim Zero point and other places of sight seeing might not be operational due to snow.

      Having said that, it is a beautiful time to visit if cols does not scare you. Gangtok and peling can easily be done even if you decide to not do north sikkim or unable to do it on ground due to road blocks or anything.

      Hope you have a great trip.
      Happy Traveling 🙂

  4. Hello!

    Your blog is really helpful and very succinct. I am planning my honeymoon in Sikkim in from 4th to 12th May 2018. I wanted to know how would the weather be in May and whether it rains which would mean I might have to change my itinerary.

    I have gotten in touch with a local tour operator and after reading the blog I find his prices exorbitant! Thanks to your blog… I will now try to book everything myself… any chance you could suggest local cab service there.. because finding hotels from Mumbai is easier than finding reliable travel services which is crucial given the difficult terrain in Sikkim.



    1. Hi Prakhar,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I was really in a doubt in planning my trip to Sikkim, however your post has really helped me in an organized way now. Thanks for that.
      I am planning my trip in April first week with another my family and I have two more questions after reading your post. Would appreciate if you can help.

      1. Is La Chung and Lachen is the same place. If not then can I travel both the places and Yumthang while coming back to Gangtok?

      2. Did you visit Kalimpong as well. Is it worth travelling there?

      Thanks again for your help.


  5. Dear Prakhar,
    First of all my heartfelt appreciation for your patience in replying to most of the comments and for sharing your experience.
    Thank you so much!
    Abundantly useful and I have planned my itenary based on your blog. We are visiting Sikkim this May and I have booked the hotels for most of the places. The place I am staying at Gangtok do not have any local tour operators. If anyone going through this comment can suggest me a tour operator, that would be great. We are a family of four, visiting for 10 days.
    Thank you and stay blessed 🙂

  6. Hi Prabakar,
    Thanks for sharing your experience .A well written blog with travel tips and suggestion.The itenary also has all the places I was looking for.I got a fair idea to plan the itenary. We are planning for a trip in the 2nd week of May for 8 days .We are a family of four. I was excited about North Sikkim .Pls suggest the clothing we need to carry as most places in North Sikkim are at a high altitude.


  7. what are the places you should not miss in Sikkim, Darjeeling, Gangtok – love nature, quite, mountains, green etc.

  8. Lovely Blog! Wonderful snaps you shared!
    GANGTOK is capital town and a popular holiday destination of Sikkim. A bi-cable Jig-back Passenger Aerial ropeway of 935 meters long from Deorali Bazar to Tashiling Secretariat via Sikkim Legislative Assembly was built in the year 2003. The visitors can have a panoramic view of the full Gangtok city while taking a ride in this ropeway.

  9. Hi Prakhar,

    I read your comments on Sikkim tour and I found it very helpful, so just need few details on my tour to Sikkim.
    I have booked Club Mahindra Resorts in Baiguney and Gangtok from 21st Dec to 30th Dec and for few days yet to be booked so looking to book at Kalimpong and i have planned my Itinery accordingly, However I do want to Visit Lachung and Gurdongmar lake, so just want to confirm is it good time to visit these two places so accordingly I will plan my Stay in advance or should I book once I reach there.

    Secondly should I book Cabs once I reach Sikkim or do I need to book Cabs in advance and also what will be the frequency of Cabs and the Cost for both shared as well as personnel as I am travelling in month of Dec.

    Thanking you,

  10. Hey, I am glad I bumped on to your website. I have bookmarked this page for my next visit to Sikkim. Its very well detailed.

  11. Now I am very jealous. I have been planning a sikkim tour with my gang and they have failed me every time. Now I have made up my mind on a solo trip.

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