Complete Itinerary for a Week-Long Vacation in Sikkim

Sikkim is a great place for a soothing vacation. It has a great combination of snow-clad mountains, valleys with beautiful rhododendrons, waterfalls, lakes, a tea estate and much more. Here, we have suggested a week-long itinerary, based on our own experience, which you can use for a perfect holiday in Sikkim.

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127 thoughts on “Complete Itinerary for a Week-Long Vacation in Sikkim”

  1. U know Prakhar, visiting Sikkim is on my mind since ages! You post made me feel that excitement once again. Very well written, all details covered and routes spoken about. I was only expecting more pictures πŸ™‚ Keep writing! Good one this was!

      1. Hi Prakhar we are going to Sikkim nxt week fm 14th may to 23rd ne idea on the weather….. we r following almost the same itinerary as ur aside fm dropping lachen and adding kalimpong at the end….loved ur blog it’s increased our anticipation for this trip….😊

      2. Hi prabhakar. . We have planed our trip to Sikkim in 1st week of Dec can we see the snow fall in dec

      3. Hi Prakhar,
        Can you suggest a good private car rental agency for the itinerary suggested by you. I am travelling between 15 June to 23 June 2019

    1. Hi Prakhar

      A very well written blog and I have been referring it for planning my entire Sikkim-Gangtok trip. Will 1st week of April be a good time to visit Sikkim? Also, I was wondering if the following itinerary looks good:

      Day 1: Read Bagdogra, travel to Gangtok via shared Taxi
      Day 2: Visit Tsomgo Lake and Baba Mandir
      Day 3: Travel to Lachen
      Day 4: head towards Gurudongmar Lake, post lunch head towards Lachung
      Day 5: Visit Yumthang valley and then head back to Gangtok
      Day 6: Visit Pelling and stay over at Pelling
      Day 7: Head back to Bagdogra airport

      We are travelling all places by a Private cab except Bagdogra to Gangtok. Would you have any recommendations on places to visit at Lachen and good lunching options (non-veg) at all locations?

  2. Hi. Nice informative and very genuine article. We are visiting Sikkim in mid November 3 Adults and a kid who is 6. One of the adult is from spain. So permits and all will need to be well planned. Any tips more than this article then pls let me know.

    And I want to cover all parts of Sikkim in 10 days max. If possible. What are the places I should go to? Is kanchanchunga national park functional?

    My budget is max 15000 per adult and 7000 for kid. Also I would shop for essential warm clothing in Sikkim. Would hire snow attire n footwear wherever required on high altitudes. Regarding carrying oxygen portable cylinder for kid on high altitude, do you have any idea or suggestions?

    Guess all queries covered. Any info or contacts of cars n drivers or guides would be helpful. Thanks.

    1. Hi Smriti! Thanks for the appreciation! It works wonders at motivating us to continue doing what we are doing!

      For the added tips, I’m hoping you have already read our article ‘9 things to know before you leave for a vacation in SIkkim‘. Apart from this, I doubt any from our end. But since you’re travelling with a foreigner, I will suggest you check with the Sikkim Tourism dept in advance about any additional clearances you will require.

      November is a good time to visit the place and you should find a majority of places open. But since it’s winter time you should be prepared for inaccessibility to some parts of north sikkim. Otherwise 10 days is a good amount of time to spend there.

      Thanks for mentioning Kanchenjunga National Park. We didn’t have it on our radar when we took the trip but that definitely is in our bucket list now. You can check the wikipedia page where they have suggested April-May to be a suitable time. I guess you’ll have to skip it in this trip.

      As for costing, it depends on the number of days you spend outside Gangtok. Basically you’ll have to hire local tour operators from Gangtok, and the average cost is INR 3000/day for a private vehicle. So if you head on a trip to north sikkim which will take 3 days, the costing for food and lodging will be 9000 divided by 4 people in your case.

      We were foolish enough to hire a tour operator based out of Siliguri who was coordinating the trip for us. Mostly, we were the ones running around to get things in place since he was available only remotely. Our suggestion, contact your hotel manager for deals. He will have a good tie-up already and guide you accordingly. Prices are fairly standard so you needn’t hassle with much negotiation. We have shared some contact details of hotels already for reference.

      Do let us know how the trip goes and do share your experience πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Prakhar,

    Awesome job with blog!! keep doing great stuff like this πŸ™‚

    We (5 ladies) are planning a trip to Sikkim from 3rd October to 10th October.

    We would love to cover all the lovely places out there. However, we have a few concerns.

    1. we are on a budget trip, hence please suggest good hotels to stay there.

    2. Main concern is about the cabs, how do we go about it? do we have to book it in advance or can we do it from there?

    3. Also, the tour operators or guides, do we have to take them along additional to a cab?

    4. For permits, what do we do?

    hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hey Aishwarya
      An all girls trip to Sikkim!! This is going to be a good one !! Please do share your your experiences once you are back. πŸ˜€
      As or your queries
      1) The hotels that we have mentioned here were mostly budget hotels, You could call them directly and book rooms or you could book something in Gangtok and from there on book places as and when you go

      2) Once you land on the bagdogra airport( I am assuming that is how you are getting to sikkim) You will get a taxi easily there for gangtok. You could either take a prepaid from inside the airport or get one from right outside, either ways, it will not be an issue.

      In Gangtok, there is a taxi stand from where you can get taxi’s for all the places that we have mentioned in our blogs. We suggest you book a guy the day you reach and keep switching taxi’s / Driver after every location since most of the places are atleast 5-6 hours from Gangtok and the drive is pretty taxing so one really shouldn’t take the chance of travelling with a tired driver.

      3) You will not need to take any guide/operator along with you. If need be(though there really wouldn’t be any) you could easily hire a guide at the place of interest. So there is more nature to observe here than history to learn and the people here are very helpful and the locals will tell you all you need to know.

      4) All the permits are made in the morning of the day when you want to travel. Either pre book your cabs for the next day and seek help of the driver for the permits or make sure you head to the taxi stand by 7-8ish and get the permits done by 9. The hotel staff will also be able to guide you in this regard.
      This is not a tough thing to do , but just remember to carry your identity proofs and pass port size pictures along.

      Feel free to post more queries if any.

      Happy Travelling πŸ™‚

  4. Hello,

    Nice post and a good website! Cheers

    I had a query…am going to Sikkim this coming week on 9th Oct (till 19th), I would like to plan 11th to 14th in North Sikkim, rest of the days are figured out with a friend.

    But I would like your advice on what/how can I spend 11 to 14 in North Sikkim. More importantly, I am there with just another friend, so we are 2 of us..what is best option, take a tour with one of the companies or just book Taxi..and manage stay on our own.

    Any thoughts would be helpful. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

    1. Hi Shishir

      We havn’t visited North Sikkim in October so won’t be fair to through names of places which you should visit.

      As for travelling, just the two of you, avoid the bigger travel agents and holiday organisers. Unless you have a special pass, you’ll have to get a packaged tour to visit spots in North Sikkim anyway. Get these from small travel operators / Hotel Managers in Gangtok.

      If you want to save money, you can get shared taxis for these tours. Else hire a private cab.

      Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Prakhar,
    Thanks a lot for all your efforts. This page has very useful information. i am also traveling in November end for 8 days along with my wife and had drawn the same exact itinerary for my trip. Trip cost is coming on higher end as we are going to opt for exclusive vehicles.
    Please inbox me some tour operator’s number for north Sikkim tour. Please let me know if any couple is looking to club with someone on Sikkim trip in November.

    1. Hi Varun. Instead of getting in touch with a big tour operator, we suggest discussing this with your hotel manager to get a better deal. Other option is to talk to the many small travel operators in Gangtok.

  6. Hi!

    We as a family are travelling to Sikkim in the 3 rd week of April,2016.We are there for 7 days.We would like the trip to be an easy one,instead of hectic.Is it possible to cover both North & East sikkim?We also want to know about the tour operators who can organize these trips?


    1. Hi Sanjiv. Great to hear that. April is a good time to visit since most of the places are accessible. It’s best to engage tour operators once you have reached there. They run packages for packages for North and east separately. Everything from pick up to drop back is covered. 7 days is good enough for you to explore north and east, while keeping it easy one. Keep the first half for North, then a day or two at Gangtok, followed by east.

      1. Hi, please can you suggest any good travel operators as we plan to visit sikkim this april 2016. many thanks

      2. Hi Mohan.

        We came in contact with two travel operators, both sub-standard. But it’s fairly easy to get hold of travel operators even once you have reached there. Just contact the reception of your hotel and they will arrange an agent who will be able to help you out. This also helps you secure a better rate.

        Happy Travelling to Sikkim! πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Prakhar,

    After reading your very informative article on Sikkim I’m pretty much excited to embark the same journey….Can you please give me a detailed itinerary for 7 nights/8 days for sikkim.
    Im planning to travel in the last week of december with my husband and my 3 year old daughter.
    My interests would be lakes,mountains,monasteries shopping etc and whatever you think my 3 year old daughter can handle.
    Also will i be able to include pelling in this trip? I definately want to do Tsomgo lake.

    Bijal !!

    1. Hi Bijal

      Here’s a summary on the kid friendly bit –

      For the itinerary, just refer to the suggested plan in this post and cover the following – Gangtok, Namchi, Ravangla, Pelling, Rabdentse.

      You can try your luck with Tsongmo Lake, Nathula pass and Lachen, Lachung but I doubt those will be open due to snowfall et al. You’ll get to know the exact status only when you request for a permit on the day / or a day before the journey

      Hope that helps

  8. Hi Prakhar,

    I am planning to visit Sikkim in March end. Went through your iternanry. That is so usefull. It really helped me planning the trip well.

    Wanted to know about the different modes of transport in between different points.

      1. Ok. What is the frequency of shared taxis? and how do we get to know about the timings?

  9. Just came back from an epic trip to Sikkim and Darjeeling ! Your travelog helped a lot in planning.

  10. Prakhar, Can you provide some suggestions to make the itinerary kid friendly i.e
    1. We do not want to touch each and every tourist spot in Sikkim. Basically we want to be minimize too much travelling on road.
    2. Can you suggest some homestays ? Our son must not miss out on his proper food.

    We are a family of three – I , wife and 3 year old child.
    We have 7 days trip – 19th march to 26th march.

  11. hi prakhar,

    You are really doing yeoman service by penning down the finer nuances..your post on sikkim is easily the most informative I have seen on the internet.

    I am visiting in feb 2016 with my folks who are 65 years old .Expectedly they are not very comfortable with long journeys and I intend to cover few sights and not all of them

    We reach on thursday and plan to cover east sikkim on friday. Do you think nathu la pass would be open around mid feb? can we walk around tsogmo lake?

    Saturday: cover sights in and around gangtok.

    Sunday and monday, do you suggest covering few sights in west sikkim or north sikkim?
    secondly do hotels outside gangtok provide heaters at night if I am willing to shell out extra.

    Lastly we plan have to reach bagdogra by 11 am on tuesday either from gangtok (if we cover north) or a town in west sikkim to catch the return flight.

    Appreciate your inputs and thanks in advance


    1. Thanks Vishal. Feels good when people find value in our contribution.

      Considering the limitations, i suggest you explore only south and east Sikkim. North will be too cold and risky. West, a not so comfortable ride.

      Whether or not you will get to visit Nathula Pass, is something you will get to know that same day. We travelled in mid feb and we couldn’t. Tsongo Lake is accessible but is also quite cold. It’s likely to be snow clad. Special attention to footwear since you are traveling with seniors.

      South is likely to have pleasant climate with frequent options to take a short tea break. So you can pace the journey making it comfortable for them.

      Few hotels will be able to provide heaters. In North Sikkim, We were told that due to shortage of electricity, those were banned.

      Suggest you reach bagdogra / siliguri a night before from gangtok/pelling/namchi. That’s coz roads and cabs in the region are quite unpredictable. Plus it is going to take you at least 4-5 hrs from each of these places. Reaching a night before will help keep your folks more relaxed and relish the memories of vacation once they are back.

      Do let me know if there’s anything else we can help with. Happy Sikkim!

  12. Hi,I hope your visit to Sikkim was good. I am a Doctoral Research Scholar working on tourists’ experience in Sikkim. I need to gather some information based on your experience. Please email me in my id.

  13. We are planning a 9 day trip to sikkim darjeeling In june . We want to include the best places in sikkim without making it extremely hectic since a few of us have motion sickness. Can u suggest an itinerary which covers everything. ..including nathula pass.

  14. Hey, thanks for this great blog post. Me and my friend have referenced it thoroughly to plan our trip. We’re going this March from 19-26th!
    I wanted your suggestion on one thing – We’re leaving for Lachung early morning on 25th. Our flight back to Delhi is on 26th March at 1545 hrs. Should we stay in Lachung/Lachen on 25th night & go to bagdogra directly from there in the morning or should we return to Gangtok on 25th itself and next morning head to bagdogra?


    1. Hi Amrita.

      Will suggest you to be back in Gangtok on 25th night itself and head to Bagdogra early next morning.

      Happy Travelling πŸ™‚

  15. Hey,
    Thanks for this great blogpost, it had helped us plan our upcoming trip. We’re traveling in Sikkim from 22-26th March. I wanted your suggestion for one thing – 25th early morning we leave for Lachung and our flight back to Delhi is at 3.45 pm from Bagdogra. Do you suggest we travel back to Gangtok on 25th night itself and leave from Bagdogra in the morning or spend the night at Lanchung and go to Bagdogra directly from there.
    Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Amrita.

      Will suggest you to be back in Gangtok on 25th night itself and head to Bagdogra early next morning.

      Happy Travelling πŸ™‚

  16. Hey Prakhar,

    I’m planning on doing a 7 day trip to Sikkim in the last week of March- and I’ve got to say I found your tips super helpful! I wanted to check where you guys stayed, or any other hotel you’d recommend in Lachen since most places seem to be sold out. Much thanks in advance for your help πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Uma

      Did you try Homestays? You may check for options which are usually not listed on other sites. You may also check out AirBNB.

      Stay hungry for travel! πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Prakhar,
    No doubt this is very very helpful for the person like me, who always want to travel but very poor in itinerary, but this time I want to explore Sikkim. I want to customize my trip as below please suggest how many days it will take to cover these places without much hectic and how much it will cost for two people.
    Namchi> pelling> Yuksom> Lachung/Lachen.
    We are planning to travel at the end of April and a week time.
    Please also advise if we should approach for travel agencies for advance booking in hotels or we can easily get the local help once we reach there. Also tell me how many days we should stay at each places.

    1. Hi Supriya

      A trip to different places in Sikkim requires a LOT of travelling in the hired car. Most places are 4-5 hrs away from your base station. Unless you are ok with that kind of travelling, do not plan trips to far off places from Gangtok. Also, the bulk of costs come from the hired cabs. If you are taking a shared jeep, it may cost 300/person per day. If you hire a private jeep/scorpio/innova, it’ll cost you about 3000/day. Since it’s the best season to visit Sikkim, expect a lot of rush and hence higher prices as compared to the other times of the year.

      Will advise a more relaxing 7-8 day trip with hotels pre-booked via MakeMyTrip etc. Will advise you to arrange for travel operators once you have reached there. This is a good time to checkout North Sikkim and East Sikkim, hence it’s best that you spend a majority of your vacation there. Keep 2 days for Pelling, Namchi etc combined.

      Happy Travelling to Sikkim! πŸ™‚

  18. Hello, Prakhar. This is a wonderful article. Well written :D. I am planning to go Sikkim next month and this ‘permit’ issue is troubling me a little bit. I just want to know
    1) whether I should get this permit in advance or to get it when I reach Gangtok?
    2) is there any fee for these permits?
    3) should I get all the permits (for nathula pass, gurudongmar lake etc) all at once?
    4) how difficult is to get these permits?

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      I have been to Sikkim and shared my experience here:

      The details covers the answers to most of your questions.

      1. Hi Garima

        Glad that you liked our post. πŸ™‚

        Hope you have a great trip and do subscribe for news on our upcoming trips and new destinations that we cover.

        Happy travelling πŸ™‚

      2. Well Garima, if you like sharing your travel experiences with people, you should start writing and sharing soon. I’m sure Deep and others will acknowledge your efforts there as well πŸ˜›

  19. Dear Prakhar

    Thanks a lot for sharing your travel experience , i have planned trip to Darjeeling ( 2days) & sikkim ( 3 – 4 days) from July 8th – 14th , i am travelling with family & want to explore areas which have good roadways as my Mom is aged & having back problem don’t want to take much chance.

    Kindly suggest if 2-3 places where we can visit safely , as its rainy season i am bit worried about weather also.



    1. Hi Rishi

      I hope you trip was good. Can you tell me what kind of weather I should expect in juky begining…


      1. Hi Harish

        I havnt been there in July but you may expect it to be rainy and you can expect your itinerary to have some plan B

  20. Hi Prakhar, hope you are doing well. My wife & myself planning a road trip from Delhi to Sikkim in September’16(leaving Delhi on 17th morning & back on 25th Sep). Could you please suggest me a suitable route(from Siliguri-Sikkim-Siliguri) to cover within this period. I have kept four days for to&fro from Delhi to Siliguri. Rest you may suggest. I guess I can take my own car at most of the places.

    Look forward to your reply soon.
    Best Regards,

    Avijit Lahiri

  21. Hi Prakhar,

    Thank you for the most awesome write-up there is, for a trip to Sikkim.

    I just had a query regarding Lachen day 2.
    After reaching Lachen , did you have anything specific in your itinerary to cover ?
    I understand that you couldn’t do it due to weather.
    Places like chopta , thangu , yumthang , lake are covered post day 3.
    Does day 2 include only reaching Lachen hotel and relaxing ?

    Thanks in advance,
    Priyanka Agrawal

    1. Hi Priyanka!
      Both Lachen and Lachung are like base camps before you head northward. Hence in a day you can just reach there and relax. If you thought of proceeding further, the next destination may be a little too far to reach on the same day


  22. Hi Prakhar,

    Very nicely written with every details and tips. I want to know, should we go for a tour operator or can we manage bookings at our own?.

    1. Hi Vishal! Thanks!

      I will suggest you to reach Gangtok and hire local travel operators via your hotel manager. Avoid hiring a tour operator in advance or based out of any other place other than Gangtok

  23. Hi Prakhar

    First and foremost, thanks for penning down such detailed posts on Sikkim, they have been quite helpful in planning my solo trip.

    I just wanted some clarity on a couple of things:

    1) Is it possible to obtain permits for Nathu La Pass/Tsomgo Lake/North Sikkim Tour on a Sunday? OR only weekdays work?

    2) I am on a shoestring budget, and would like to opt for shared taxi’s and the cheapest homestays, however I had a couple of confusions related to it:

    a) Do shared taxi’s mean sharing with locals and other tourists OR only other tourists?
    b) If I go for shared taxi’s do I still need to do a package tour (ex: Gangtok – Lachen – Gurudongmar – Lachung – Yumthang – Gangtok) Or just till the next point? And if it’s package tour does that mean I will not have a say in choosing accommodation and will be bound with what the operator picks?
    c) If I go for shared taxi option, and if I have the option of not going for packaged tour (I’m assuming packaged tour will be expensive and will bound me). Do shared taxi’s ply till Gurudongmar/Yumthang/Yume Samdong etc Or will I be stuck?

    Thanks a ton in advance :).

    1. Hi Swati

      Glad that you liked the post. πŸ™‚
      1) Permit offices are govt. run and are operational only on weekdays. The documents need to be submitted a day in advance to get the permits the next day
      2) Shared taxi’s are easily available in the Gangtok taxi stand, but anywhere else you might encounter a little bit of struggle. Co passengers can be either tourists or locals depending on your luck.
      If you take a shared taxi you would not need a package tour but you might end up wasting a lot of time waiting or arranging for the next transport. The best thing to so would be to catch hold of some tourists at Bagdogra airport and plan your travel according to them and dutch in for the taxi together.

      If you’d like us to help you with your bookings or need any other assistance please let us know.

      Happy Travelling πŸ™‚

  24. Hi ,

    I wanted to know if the North Sikkim has to be kind of packaged tour king of thing.
    i have booked hotels already in Lachen and Lachung.
    However I read recently that all tours to North Sikkim from Gangtok include full tour with accommodation and everything.
    is that true , should i cancel Lachen and Lachung bookings ?


    1. Hi Priyanka

      Most local operators run a package tour in North east Including hotel / home stays and transport. However, if you have booked your hotels already I am sure you will be able to find operators who will provide only the Vehicle.
      In case you’d like , we could also go ahead and make the vehicle booking for you. Let us know your exact dates and Itinerary and we will be happy to provide any assistance you need in the booking.

      Happy Travelling πŸ™‚

  25. Hi Prakhar,

    I and my children(14&10) from Singapore planning to visit sikkim this June holiday.

    Any advise for us?

    We plan ti engage a private jeep and drive to go with us for 9 days. Roughly how much it cost and any recommendations?


    1. Hi Sarah

      June is a wonderful time to be in Sikkim. While most of your trip should move as per plan, you should always be prepared for surprises. Since you are travelling with kids will advise you to always have some dry food and water along with you.

      Cost is likely to be Rs. 3500/day for private cab. Hotels start from Rs. 1000/day and will cost as per the luxury you require from your stay.

      Have a wonderful trip!

  26. Dear Prakhar
    I am planning a 6 days sikkim trip with my wife. I want to complete the tour with Bike ride. Will it be okay a 2 day tour of north sikkim on Bike with wife. Please provide your suggestion on the basis of women safety an d road condition

    1. Hi Vikas
      That sounds like a good adventurous plan! Are you planning to hire a bike from Gangtok? I’m unaware of the rental options. But as for your queries:
      – found it quite safe for travel with women. But will recommend you to only travel during the day.
      – road conditions are good. But you’ll need help of locals to navigate whenever handling land Slides.
      – avoid going in winters (till feb end) as snow fall may ruin your plans of a bike trip

      1. Thank you so much for your valuable reply. I am planning my visit in may. Again so much thanks. Your reply has enhanced my confidence.

  27. Hi Prakhar,
    A very good , detailed article well written.

    I am planning to travel in mid april, and will be having my parents and a 4 yr kid. Just wanted to know if the above plan for 8 days , will it be fine and not very tiring for all of us or may be a little tiring for parents & kid. Just if you could share your views on same.

    Also what I understand is that we reach Gangtok, and then at Gangtok contact any local tour operators for setting up this 8 day tour. Am I correct in this understanding.
    What will be approx cost from local operators for 1 person to cover above mentioned tour in your post . Just some approx calculation if you can let me know.


    1. Hi Daryl
      Your understanding is absolutely correct on linking up with Tour Operators. Alternatively, you can connect with your hotel manager before you reach.

      This itinerary will be a bit hectic for your kid and parents. Suggest you to do only half of it basis what you prefer more. North has a beautiful Valley with flowers and snow. East has a steep climb, a beautiful lake and possibility of snow. West and South will have no snow but others places as captured in above article.

      Cost of stay is approx 1500/person. Cab is 1000/person if you’re taking a private 6-seater (Innova). Food is around 500/person. All these are per day costs in rupees.

      1. Thanks Prakhar,
        Yes exactly was thinking the same on the hectic part of it for kid & parents,
        Definitely will plan to do only half , —- North Sikkim. Thanks for sharing your views , it really helps a lot.
        Also the approx calculations provided will help to plan better.


  28. Hi! Thanks for the interesting inputs also the 9 THINGS article is really helpful. We are planning in May 2017, do you think that’s like a peak season?

  29. Hey Prakhar ,
    well covered travelouge, would like to add 2 things
    1. Tsomgo lake isnt oval in shape , if u take a birds eye view it looks like the map of India.
    2. Rumtek monastry …Guess you missed it!

  30. hello
    I really appreciate you for this wonderful blog
    I am planning a trip to Sikkim with parents during 3rd week of march
    my queries are
    1. shall we be able to get to all the points in north Sikkim during this time, including zero point
    2. my father is 63 year old, heart patient but maintaining good health now. will he be able to make it to gurudongmar lake safely without any trouble

    1. Thanks Arun
      1. In most likely hood, yes. But exact confirmation will be available on the day of visit.
      2. Should be safe if he doesn’t have breathing trouble related to high altitude. Not sure if doctors or clinics are available on the route. You’ll have to check for the same using your travel Agent.

  31. Hi ,
    The Post was very informative. Loved each bit of it while Reading. While the Bonus tip were Cherry on the cake πŸ˜€
    I need to pendown the tentative plan for my parents for a 10-11 Days trip in May/June .
    I completed most of the travel plan by taking reference from here πŸ™‚
    Still i am need information on few things
    1. Do i need to book all the hotels and Cab in advance or we can book/hire them on the spot.
    2. How are food availability. My parents are hardcore veg.
    3. Are the rates of taxis fixed as per union or do they vary from driver to driver

    It would be great if you can provide some taxi driver number for this whole Itinerary.

    Thanks a lot ,

  32. hi prakhar
    i am going sikkim on 7 th march 17 to 15 th march . was too worried till now as going with my wife only , and have no contact over there .
    after reading ur blog i am very happy , thanks thanks a lot.
    will disturb u if want to know more on whatsapp. πŸ™‚
    but any ways it is great help to anybody who want to cover sikkim properly.

  33. Hi Prakhar,

    We are planning a honeymoon to Sikkim in the first week of June. This is our tentative itinerary based on past experience/suggestions of one of my friend.

    Day 1: Reach Bagdogra airport and leave for Gangtok( at around 3 in the afternoon) to reach hotel/resort by evening.

    Day 2: Planning for local sightseeing in Gangtok, including Rumtek monastery

    Day 3: Leave for Lachen, sight seeing on the way and reach by night.

    Day 4: Leave early morning for Gurudongmar lake and then leave for Lachung

    Day 5: Leave for Yumthang Flower valley and leave for Gangtok

    Day 6: Visit Temi tea garden and Buddha park, Ravangla and return at night

    Day 7: Leave for Bagdogra and return to Pune.

    Please let us know if this makes sense for a 6N 6D trip. πŸ™‚

    Also, please let me know if you can add any specific mode of transport you can suggest for sightseeing and moving across cities.


    1. Hi Vivek

      Your plan is too hectic for Day 4&5. Will suggest you to skip one location. Remem, travel happens between 10am to 7pm only with an avg speed of 20-25kmph.

      Will suggest you to hire a private cab with help of your travel Agent / hotel manager

  34. Hi Prakhar!! Amazing blog – really helpful. I’m planning a five day trip from Apr 10 – Apr 14. I’ll be landing 10th afternoon and will reach Gangtok by evening, so effectively just four days! What do you suggest so that I don’t crowd it out too much, and have a good experience – I could maybe push my truth by one day! Thanks in advance!

  35. Hello Prakhar,

    Really appreciate the time you’ve invested in writing this blog, its is sooo informative and as you rightly said it covers many things that we don’t find on popular sites such as tripadvisor πŸ™‚

    We, 4 adults, are planning a 7D 6N trip to Sikkim in May 2017. We have planned the following itinerary:
    Day 1: fly in to Bagdogra, go to Gangtok. Check in to hotel. We are thinking about either Tashi Tagey or The Shire. Any suggestions on this? Walk around the bazaar area in the evening. Is there any good place to just chill while listening to some good music?
    Day 2: Should we do the Tsmogo Lake, Baba mandir, Nathula trip this day or are there many spots in Gangtok itself to be explored?
    Day 3: Leave for Ravangla. On the way may be we can do Namchi and or Damthang. Any suggestions on good hotels or homestays in Ravangla? We plan to undertake the Ravangla-Maenam trek early next morning.
    Day 4: Ravangla-Maenam trek. Might also try going to Bhaleydhunga. Any thoughts on this?
    Day 5: Leave for Pelling. And as suggested by you do khechopalri lake and Kanchenjunga Falls before reaching Darap where we are most probably going to stay.
    Day 6: Visit Rabdentse Ruins and the Singshore bridge. Any other suggestions on sight-seeing in Pelling.
    Day 7: Leave for Bagdogra.

    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Warm Regards,

  36. Hello Prakhar,

    Your travel piece on Sikkim is totally fab and informative. Loved going through the tit by bit information that you have provided. I came by your blog while screening the web for details as I am planning an extended trip to Sikkim.

    I (aged 60) will be travelling with my wife (aged 53) and 2 children(aged 17 and 27) by road from Bhubaneswar, Odisha to Gangtok via Kolkata and Siligudi in our Honda City sedan. We plan to visit the following places – Darjeeling, Pelling, Gangtok, Tsomgo lake, Nathula pass, Lachen, Gurudongmar Lake, Lachung, Yumthang valley, Zero point.

    If you can please help with few of the queries below, then I can plan accordingly.

    1. Can I travel to Lachen, Gurudongmar lake, Lachung and zero point with my Honda City ? Are the roads good enough to drive the car there? If so, then what are the facilities to stay at lachen and lachung?

    2. Is travel permit required for any of the above places? If so where can we get the pass for us and for the vehicle?

    3. What is the road condition for all other places we plan to visit? Will it be possible to drive the sedan in all those roads?

    4. What would be the best time to travel? We are expecting snow fall, snow clad regions, indulging in adventure sports and not much tourist rush. So please advise a good time to visit.


  37. Hi Prakhar,

    me and my friends are planing to visit sikkim this may.I wanted to know wthr same can be done in two wheeler if yes any idea abt bike renters.

    Sherin S

    1. Hi Sherin. I don’t remember seeing bikes on my way and don’t have any contacts. However I’m sure there will be some.

  38. hiiii prakhar
    your itinerary for sikkim is fabulous and helpful…me and my wife(newly wedded) are planning to visit sikkim in may first week for 5 nights/6 days..The places which r in my plan r Gangtok, lachen, lachung, yumthang valley, tsmongo lake, Baba Mandir, nathula pass, pelling, namchi etc..
    May u please provide me any local travel agency contact number for the bookings???

    1. Hey Sandeep. Don’t have any reliable travel operator. Will suggest you to consult your hotel manager instead

  39. Hi prakhar,
    I have gone through your blog, it is really awesome..
    Can you please help me with an itinerary for 6 days & 5 nights.
    I will reach NJP on 30th May and I have board my train back on 6th early morning from NJP
    I am planning come with my family of 4 (2 kids)
    Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Ram. You may pick and choose from the above itinerary. If you have any doubts. We can connect on my number given above

  40. Thanks for the detailed itinerary.can you please tell how to book cab/taxi for sightseeing.can we book that in advance or we have to book it from Gangtok??

  41. Hi Parkhar,

    i am visiting Gangtok, Kalimpong & Darjeeling in Next week. Though i have noted down the tips given by you,I hope this trip would be memorable.

    Also the package has been book from Make My trip. so really dont know how it would be? do you have any idea about MMT pacakges?

    1. Hi Reshma.

      No Idea about MMT package for Sikkim but in general it’s one of the better ones. Wish you a happy journey!

  42. Hi Prakhar,

    Great and well structured blog. I have a few questions.

    I am planning a 30 day budget trip (Rs 2500 per day per person/Rs 75000 for the whole trip) across India starting October 1 and wish to start with Sikkim. I’d be accompanied by a friend who is a US citizen.I have never explored the north east and wish to spend around 7-8 days in Sikkim, Assam and Meghalaya. My first question is if Sikkim can be covered in this budget. Also, as my friend is a foreign national, we can’t get to a few places like Gurudongmar lake, Nathalu pass etc. right? Do you have some suggestions around that? And any other tips would also be useful considering my constraints.


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