Because, we love to travel :)

We love travelling, but due to our hectic schedules we barely found time to travel. We were either too ill-prepared to go ahead with a plan, or too late to make bookings for the long weekends. Also, our experience with travel operators and agents was worth forgetting about. So we thought – why not share our travel experiences and the information that will make your trip even better!

For the love of travelling, here’s what we wish to help you with – 

1. Inspiring you to travel

We’ll introduce great options to travel and unwind through our travel experiences, complete with photographs we clicked. This will give you a fair snapshot of what to expect and what you may encounter from these places.

If needed, we may also curate quality content from Top Travel websites like TripAdvisor, Expedia etc.

Send you advance notifications about those brilliant opportunities to travel ( Extended Weekends et al) and what you’ll need to be prepared with.

2. Planning that awesome getaway

We’ll help you plan your weekend getaways or week-long vacations as you take a break from your hectic work schedules.

Based on our experience, we will recommend best places to visit (not just the regular tourist spots but also the relatively unexplored spots you’re likely to cherish). These will also include tried & tested Places to stay (with family or with a group of friends)


All-in-all this we wish to help you stay prepared for your next vacation well in time. So that you can reclaim your life, travel to places you havn’t been before, and have the time of your life with your loved ones.

If you’re ready to embark on this fulfilling journey, hop on to the e-mail list and we will keep you notified.



We do NOT charge you anything. We do NOT spam your inbox with irrelevant mails. We do NOT sell your information to anyone. Your personal information will only help us reach you in time, and will ensure a good discussion on this blog.

5 thoughts on “Because, we love to travel :)”

  1. looking forward to the first itinerary 🙂
    Just one thought, I found that the most pressing matter in our trips was cost (value for money is very subjective). I hope you address that in your posts.

    1. Currently we’re looking at budget weekend and week-long getaways. I doubt how suitable these will be for seniors. What do you suggest?

  2. Salute to you guys, This blog is one of my favorite travel blogs. The information shared here is clear and concise. I always find new places to visit in India here and add them to my travel bucket list. Thank you for sharing these informative blogs.

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