Making your trips 4X awesome!

We aren’t wanderers in the true sense. Just bitten by the wanderlust enough to squeeze trips in our busy schedule of managing an education, a family and a full-time job.

And we realise that there are many like us who don’t have the time for full-blown holidays or long backpacking tours but just enough time at the weekend to get away from city life.

We want to help these people in picking the right location or figuring how to reach there or where to stay by sharing our experiences.

And while we’re doing that, we thought of taking a few extra steps to make it absolutely awesome for you and here’s how:

We take pride in inspiring you to travel

Through our posts, we have shared our personal experiences, complete with photos clicked from our own cameras – occasionally using the glorious DSLR and Pro-sumers or else just our timid mobile camera.

Wherever worthy, we have even included videos* we shot to give you a closer look at the experience you’re likely to get while exploring.

Content which is easier to read and share on mobile

You won’t need to get hold of your laptop to plan your next trip! Our website, printed* itineraries (on request), and even e-mails have been designed with usage on Mobile phones in focus.

We’ve even included infographic trip summaries* for you to quickly assess what the trip has to offer and share them with your group of travel companions on facebook, twitter or whatsapp!

Bundle of all basic information – including contact details!

Forget getting hold of a tour operator or travel agent to plan your next awesome getaway! We’ve covered most of the basic information, complete with contact details so that you can be the ‘awesome trip planner’ for your group!

  • Getting there – Options, suggestions, links to book and get more details
  • Stay options – Accommodation we took, contact details, and photos
  • Attractions – Covering places worth visiting, along with photos
  • Costing – Giving you a fair idea of expenses per person
  • Duration – Days you’ll require to execute the trip, which in most cases are suitable for weekend getaways.

Refer while you travel – without using data connection!

All of us want to save on internet costs and battery life while travelling, so we’ve made it insanely simple for you to get access to most of our content even while you’re travelling!

  • Fine-tuned our posts so that it’s easier to take printouts (paper and/or PDF) which you can refer later while you’re travelling
  • Embedded QR codes* so you can quickly scan and access important details like contact, address straight from the printed reference sheets
  • On special requests, we even mail* you beautiful, optimized and handy PDF versions of our posts which you can then access on your mobile devices while travelling

So, go on! Prepare to get inspired, plan your next trip and set off to an awesome weekend getaway! Hop on to the e-mail list and we will keep you notified.



We’re not travel agents or operators who will take you along on these trips. We are merely travel enthusiasts who wish to make it easier for you to plan and getaway from the town on a weekend.

* Some of the features mentioned above are currently being tested out for response from our readers. We will add/delete such features depending on what rings well with our readers. As such, these may not be available for each of the posts at the moment. If you like a particular feature, do let us know of the same 🙂

We do NOT charge you anything. We do NOT spam your inbox with irrelevant mails. We do NOT sell your information to anyone.

Your thoughts are valuable. Share them :)

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