Meet Prakhar – The Geek Traveller

I’m Prakhar – a gadget freak, a blogger, a guy who loves driving, an amateur photographer – and that’s the shortest way I could put it in. I plan to share some of travel experiences in a bid to make yours even better!

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Meet Shasha

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Hi guys, I am Shasha, an amateur blogger but an ardent traveler, who likes to capture moments and memories in words and pictures. In coming few weeks, I shall be sharing with you some of my sugary spice experiences at some of the most fabulous places in India.

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Meet Sonal – Not your tourist but a traveller !

Meet Sonal Sapale! Not your tourist, but a traveler!
In the coming few weeks, I’ll share with you a few of my┬átravel experiences.

Here’s more about me –

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