Offseason trip to Khajuraho – The Temples & the Waterfalls

As a sales manager you may be thrown in all directions within the country and it becomes more and more difficult to plan a short weekend trip with your old friends. We faced such an issue when we were trying to plan something with a group that was split between Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow. It was September but we zeroed in on Khajuraho nevertheless. While we had heard about this place being famous for its Temples, the sculptures, and associated architectural value, there’s much more to it. In this post, we will cover what you can do if visiting in off-season and things you should plan to explore in the right month of the year.
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Ranthambore : Into the Wilderness

Drive deep into lush green forests in a zone where by no means are you allowed to get out of the vehicle, and walking even a couple of steps is prohibited.  See wild animals, not behind bars but in their natural habitat living their lives like they are meant to – in the jungle. Crocodiles lazing, Sambar deer running about, peacocks dancing and if you are lucky maybe you will even be able to spot a diurnal tiger that this place is famous for.

This and so much more is in store for you just five hours away from the concrete jungle of Delhi. It’s a regular spot for wildlife and nature lovers but even for regular travellers like me, who just want to do something other than the usual on a weekend, Ranthambore national park is a treat.

Here’s a quick snapshot:

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