First stop in God’s own country: Cochin

So the Pondicherry trip ended well and a couple of days in Chennai gave the right amount of time to catch up with friends and family. Having saved the best for the last, the next stop for me was Kerala.

This trip was supposed to be a solo one but when you have awesome friends, who are just as impulsive when it comes to making travel plans, then you never need to holiday alone. So Prasanth, who I met in Chennai, joined me on the journey to explore God’s own country.

Here’s a quick snapshot:


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Kovalam – A beach Retreat in God’s own country

I guess what they say is true. All you need to do is take the first step of a journey , not only will you find the path but you will also find people who will make the journey a lot less difficult and a lot more fun.

The plan was to travel to Cochin and explore the city alone but not only did it get extended to other parts of Kerela, I also got the company of an equally impulsive and crazy friend. We spent an entire day exploring Ernakulam and Fort Kochi, then returned to Angamalai, his home town from where we took a night bus to Trivandrum. We boarded the bus around 1 am and reached Trivandrum at 6 am in the morning.

Here’s a quick snapshot:


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Nandi Hills – a long drive escapade

As weekend approaches, there’s a new rush of energy that builds up to celebrate the end of work week. Living in Bangalore, Nandi Hills pans out to be a brilliant option to tap that energy. It’s a complete experience with an overnight drive, midnight snacks and coffee at the Airport, scenic drive up the Nandi Hills, a beautiful sunrise to welcome the day, and breathtaking views from the hilltop to begin your weekend!

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Pondicherry – a beach-ful french retreat

When you’re working and you live in Bangalore you ultimately get tired of the same routine weekends of hopping from Koramangala to MG road to Indiranagar going from a coffee shop to a brewery to a bakery and back to coffee again.

For one of those times, when you want to experience the calm of a beach, Pondicherry is just the place. Just around eight hours away by road you reach into the land of French architecture & beautiful beaches. Continue reading Pondicherry – a beach-ful french retreat