Bali, Indonesia – The Why, What, When, Where and How

Considering that you already know why Bali is one of the brilliant destinations, and have already compiled your travel itinerary basis our suggestions, here’s more of our #ProTips to supercharge your vacation:

Budget & Currency

  • 6N / 7D Bali trip is likely to cost in range of Rs. 1.2 lacs to Rs. 1.8 lacs per couple depending upon your hotels and activity budget.
  • Local currency is Indonesian Rupee (IDR). 1 INR is approx. equal to 200 IDR. However, it’s best to carry USD from India as it is easily convertible into IDR. I carried around 500 USD which was sufficient for my local cab trips, water sports & some shopping.

#ProTip: Exchange rates at airport are generally high. For best value, go to any other official currency exchange on your way from airport to hotel.

How to arrive

There are direct flights to Bali via Kuala Lumpur (KL) or Singapore depending upon the airline you choose. I took Malindo airlines from New Delhi which cost around 36k per person that time. Cheapest tickets are available from Chennai airport with tickets as low as 20k per person.

#ProTip: Do not book separate tickets for India to KL/SGP and KL/SGP to Bali unless you have a transit visa for these countries. Since Visa is waived for Indian Tourists in Bali, you won’t need one if you’re travelling by a direct flight (or via) to Bali

Where to stay

Here are the top 5 popular areas in Bali (quick recap!)

  1. Nusa Dua: Cleanest beach, known for water sports at Tanjun Benoa and luxury villas (Good for stay and a must visit)
  2. Ubud : Known for Foot hills, rice paddies & forest area (Good for stay and a must visit)
  3. Kuta: Busiest beach in Bali (remember Baga Beach in Goa?), known for surfing, shopping, night life and parties. (Must visit)  
  4. Seminayak: Quieter beach-side resorts, just to the north of Kuta (Good for stay)
  5. Jimbaran: Sea-side resorts, a nice sheltered beach and seafood restaurants south of Kuta (Good for stay & visit)

Local travel

In Bali, it is best to hire a cab for local travel. However you can also rent out a bike or scooter for short travel (in case you have an international license). You will find cab drivers waiting for passengers as you find Autos in India. Most convenient is to call up Blue Bird Taxi (+62 (0) 361 701 111) and they will send a driver to your location.

#ProTip: I found a professional & friendly guide who took me around Bali for a reasonable cost. His name is Yoga Antra (Whatsapp no. +62.878.6198.4833). You can read reviews about him on his facebook page here. He’s getting quite popular now, so do let him know in advance so that you can avail his services.

Typical costs per day for a SUV (six seater) is around 500,000 IDR = 2500 INR.

Yoga Antra
With our guide Yoga Antra

What apart from all this?

While this article covers most of it, there’s a lot more that you won’t get to know by reading on forums, travel experiences or established travel websites like TripAdvisor. If there are still such things on your mind, and you want them clarified, you may post your query in the comments below, or for a more prompt response, engage with me on my whatsapp (details in my intro below).

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72 thoughts on “Bali, Indonesia – The Why, What, When, Where and How”

      1. Hi Abhinav. Where should we get the currency exchanged. I heard in Bali different money exchangers charge difference charges.

      1. 80k means approx 1 crore 68 lack indonesian rs. You spend. Can’t you bye a big property there?

  1. Dear Abhinav
    I am traveling to bali on 2 July 2016, please advise how is the immigration process, is it true that we Indians do not require visa on arrival in Bali and we can directly go to the immigration counters for the passport stamping. How much time does the whole process take.


    1. Hi Kailash
      Indian passport holders don’t need a visa and hence no fee. Immigration stamp would usually take 5-10 minutes depending upon the queue in front of you. Besides that there is no other formality to be completed. All the best for your trip.

      1. Hi Abhinav,

        Please clarify if there is any amount needs to be paid some (25$). One of my friend had to pay some amount as fees. Also in return around 12K Rph he paid.


      2. The on arrival visa was waived off some where during the year 2015. Tourist visiting before policy change should have paid. No amount to be paid if you are visiting in 2016.

      3. hey, thanks for this article, even though there are no visa fees, do we need to carry proof of funds, other documents for the visa stamp?

  2. Hi Abhinav,

    I have two quick questions about my trip to Bali later this month.
    1.) I am taking Malindo air to Bali with transit from Kuala Lumpur. The waiting time between the connecting flights is not more than 5 hours both ways and i do not intend to step out of KL airport. Do i need a transit visa in this case?
    2.) I have always traveled abroad with a valid visa on my passport which has never led to a query by the Immigration at the Indian airports. In this case, since I will not have a visa stamp for Indonesia on my passport, how the immigration officer at the IGI Delhi airport is likely to react? Will he just stamp your passport and let you pass because he knows that for Indonesia visa is not required? I mean what was your experience?

    Thanks in advance..



    1. Hi Naveen, I took the same flight from malindo with a layover at KL. No transit visa is needed as you will pass through ‘international transfers’ section of airport. Just look for the board nd keep following the direction.
      For second query, immigration officer knows about visa requirement in Bali(Indonesia). Its part of his job right! In my case he just asked about details of my return flight and my duration of stay making sure I have plans to return.

      1. Thanks so much for the info! and hey great blog though, i am taking the print out of the some pages and pro-tips along to make maximum of the given information.


  3. Hi Abhinav. Really great info. I am also looking forward to go to Bali for my honeymoon.

    I have some questions which I am hoping you can provide some insights on.

    1. I am a freelance web developer and my would be wife is a manager in a PSU bank. What documents will we need to carry with us for the purpose of visiting Bali? Since you mentioned that visa fee is waived off, does that means we just have to buy a ticket and enter the country,no documents like ITR and letter of permission from employer is needed ?

    2. Regarding the currency that needs to be carried there, where should I do that? Currency conversion?

    3. The sim card that you mentioned, from where you bought it and how much time it took to get activated ?

    1. Hi Sunny
      Here you go:
      1) No documents are needed for you and your wife except hotel confirmation voucher & return ticket. That too will be checked at only Indian Immigration.
      2) Currency conversion you can go to any official currency exchange shops. You may find one at most of the tourist spots. Ask your guide or cab driver to take you to nearest currency exchange. I bought it from one shop my guide knew on my way from airport to Nusa Dua.
      3) Again, I got it from a local shop on my way to hotel. Of-course my driver knew the place.

      1. Hi Yoga,

        May i please get your Watsapp Number(Sorry, couldnot find it on this page). I have planned to visit Bali in October and would surely need your help!

  4. Hey Abhinav,

    Thanks for the detailed first hand information. Could you please help me with few quick questions please?

    To give you some background, I will be travelling to Bali later this month with my wife.

    1. Is there a place to store your stuff at beaches given we would have cash / mobiles / camera with us, but would also like to enjoy the water?

    2. What is the best way for an airport transfer to Seminyak region? Heard Uber / Bluebird are not allowed to operate in the airport area? We plan to spend our 1st day resting at beach so hiring a full day car wouldn’t make any economic sense.

    3. Is it worth visiting Mt. Batur if we are not interested in a hike? I mean its pretty far from the main city, so just want to make sure it is worth the time and money.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Ankit
      Thanks for your comment. Here you go:
      1) There are no dedicated lockers for this at least in Kuta & Jimbaran beach. However, you can keep your stuff with any shack/restaurant you just had food/drinks with or keep it at an eye’s distance on beach. But for things like cash, camera & wallets you should ideally keep it in any cab you have hired for a day or at your hotel if it is at walking distance from your beach.
      2) You can book airport transfers from your hotel or any other cab provider. Single transfer would cost you less than 150.000 IDR(750 INR). You may ask Yoga whose number I have shared in blog.
      3) For mount Batur, you only get a mountain in your background from the viewing point which I did not find impressive. Hence, you may skip it unless you plan to hike it.

      1. Hey Abhinav,
        Can you share Yoga’s number please? As mentioned above, I have planned to visit Bali in October and would need Yoga’s help!

  5. Hi Abhinav,

    I plan to visit Bali in October with my family(2adults 1 toddler 1 infant).
    1.) I am travelling by Malindo air to Bali with transit from Kuala Lumpur. I know that Bali is visa free but Do i need a transit visa? Will there be a departure tax applicable, I booked my tickets in June 2016.
    2.) At the airport I plan to take the airport Taxi, Is it easy to get one? Does it charge as much as the private car from the hotel?
    3.) We have booked our stay between Seminyak (3nights) and Kuta (4nights). We plan to see the Zoo , Safari World & Bird Park other than hanging out on the beach. Are each of these places a whole day trip or a half day trip?Is it better to take a cab or the transport provided with the package?
    4.)Do you have any recommendations of good restaurants in Jimbaran on the beach for Seafood?
    5.) We want to do a half day trip to Ubud, plan to see Monkey Forest
    Celuk Village / Mas Village / Ubud Market and Widya’s Batik is this worth it or should we cut off some of these places since with Kids?Will it be better to get a cab or hire a car with driver for the trip?
    6.) Can you suggest some good night markets to visit mainly for food?
    7.) Should we take a local sim card or can we just manage with roaming? How easy is it getting to a local phone booth to call?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Joanna
      Here you go:
      1) No transit visa is needed at Kuala Lumpur. About departure tax, I am hearing about it first time. I din’t pay any tax or visa fees apart from booking my flight tickets.
      2) Sorry, No idea about it. Dint take a airport taxi.
      3) I dint visit these places so don’t know if you can cover it a day or half. Cab drivers in Bali are tourist guide com drivers.Hence, I suggest booking a half/full day cab will be cheaper than booking a package. You may contact Yoga on whatsapp for this.
      4) Sorry, vegetarian!
      5) Totally upto you, I liked Ubud Market & rice paddy fields. You can do both.
      6) Only if you want to try vegan!
      7) Taking a local sim card with internet pack is always a better option than local phone booth(never saw one) ! plus it does not cost much in Bali.

  6. Hi Abhinav,
    May I request advise on a few things to help plan my trip better. I am travelling with my family.
    1) I would like to know what would the minimum daily expense for tourist(family of four), given that hotels are booked and Trips most are pre paid.
    2) What is the approx eating expense on daily basis?
    3) Is it worth while visiting a spritual healer/sharman/palmist?
    4) I plan to visit Ubud on a day trip, I have heard that its better to book a private vehicle that opting to hire a taxi. Which is better?


    1. 1&2) Food is as expensive as in upscale Indian joints. Approx 1000Rs. per meal for 2 people.
      3) No idea! I would avoid.
      4) Private taxi for full day might cost 2500-3500Rs. You can decide.

  7. Just want to update the broader audience here that I had a good time seeing around Bali with Yoga. I would recommend his car hire services if you are planning a trip to Bali..

      1. Dear Abhinav,

        Thanks for detailed description of Bali trip. That’s very helpful.
        However, Rs 5000 per night can’t be referred to as “as low as”. 😄

    1. Thank you so much. It was great honor to trip you around Bali. Wish you had a excellent holiday experience. My priority is to make my clients feel wonderful..
      Hope to see you again Ankit

  8. Hi Abhinav,

    How much INR one should carry for a 5N trip to Bali travelling in couple taking into consideration all meals and necessary sightseeing etc ?

  9. Hi abhinav,
    Im venkat and im travelling to indonesia – Bali Next month, and i have some doubts
    1.My Hotel was booked in Hotel : GRAND NIKKO BALI, ADReS: Jl. Nusa Dua Selatan, Benoa, Nusa Dua, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363, Indonesia and im arrivin at Ngurah Rai International Airport from Hyderabad, may i know the cost / Charge of taxi from airport to hotel and the same from return too.
    2. may i know how much the food costs out side the area near my stay.
    3. as per the above quiries i came to know that visa on arrival is free of cost as my stay is 4 days
    4. can i directly take a taxi outside airport or need book taxi from the airport centers only as some of my references are saying that security problem if u take outside taxies. pls confirm

    1. Hi Venkat first of all i would like to say thank you, for interesting coming to Bali,
      1. Taxi rate from airport to nusa dua is 150-250K rupiah..
      2. In Nusa Dua area the food prices is range from300K rupiah
      3. No idea, but i will info soon
      4. You can hire taxi from airport directly, or you can use my service

      Please don’t be hesitate to contact me, if you have further questions
      Thank you

      1. Hi Yoga, your service is just a transportation or will you be my guide aswell and take me to all tourist spots for the next 5 days ? ( i’m about to visit on july 2017

      2. Guys, Yoga Antara is an awesome guy. I got his number from here and contacted him over whatsapp for our family trip in Jun 2016. The taxi was there waiting for us & the driver Rudi was again an awesome individual who connected with us instantly. Having utilised their services, these guys are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
        Rudi never missed a chance to show something interesting & we were never overcharged in any ways.
        Yoga was also helpful in arranging a hotel accomodation for us at the last minute at the most affordable rates.Thanks Yoga.. See you soon again

  10. Hi Abhinav,

    Thanks for sharing such valuable info. I have some queries regarding my upcoming Bali trip-

    1. Do we need to show some proof of sufficient funds while going through immigration process??
    2. What will be better option-Travelling by pre booked package from Travel agency or By own booking of flights/hotels/Taxis??
    3. How much will be cost difference in both cases??
    4. How is nightlife there in Bali?
    5. Which type of weather will be in Bali in Dec month??

  11. Hello everyone ..and thank you Abhinav for all your suggestion …i am travelling to bali on 21 October for 5N.If anybody has planned lets catchup there..

  12. Hi Abhinav,
    The article was beautifully written and very informative.
    I am traveling with my family and friends.
    Would definitely need Yoga’s help to take us around .

  13. Hi abhinav ,

    Could you tell me about money exchange in Bali..did u took USD from india or u converted INR directly to IDR in Bali..

  14. Hi Everyone,

    Me & my wife have visited Bali in Dec first week and had a wonderful time there. Mr. Yoga has provided us great support and it was good to see awesome hospitality provided by Bali people.

    Tip for travelling: If you are vegetarian and want to eat veg food during flight, plz provide meal preference during flight booking only. It will be extreme difficult to get veg meal specially in those flights which are arriving & departing from Bali airport.

  15. Hi Abhinav

    Wonderful blog written.

    I’m planning my honeymoon in coming Jan-2017 in Bali for 3 days. I have already done flight n hotel bookings, would request you give your opinion on following:

    1. Is Visa On arrival is free for Indians or there is some VISA fee we have to pay?
    2. Is Bali Safe to travel, I heard a lot that there are natural disasters and wrong activities that happen. Please advise, will it be safe place to visit for honeymoon couples.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. Hi Vikas,

      I am Kapil Gupta, recently in first week of Dec month me & my wife have visited Bali for our honeymoon and never felt any thing like unsafe condition or situation in Bali. People are good, cooperative and always ready to help you. It is awesome place to visit for honeymoon so just visit and enjoy your time.

      There is no visa fee and no airport taxes are applicable for Bali. Its Visa fee exemption for Bali and airport taxes are already included in your flight ticket amount.

      I hope these details will help you for your trip.

      Congratulations & Enjoy buddy.

  16. Hi,

    Did you people get to travel the gili islands ( the three parallel islands) if not why? is it worth visiting those islands .Please share your valuable information as I am travelling on the month of june 2017 to bali for seven days

  17. Hi Abhinav,

    at what time of the year you visited Bali.. i am planning to visit in July 2017 as it is my Anniversary. Could you please let me know about the tariffs and travel season in July as I’ve heard it is a peak due to Australian holidays.


  18. hi abhinav,

    I have looked at the sticky about VOA, but I’m still not clear about when to pay the VOA.

    I am travelling from india to Bali in October. I land in kuala lumpur, and in an hour I take a connecting flight to Bali.

    Do I get visa procedure done in KL or Bali itself ?
    Would 1 hour be enough for VOA in KL.
    I would prefer VOA in Bali though.

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find a definite answer.

    1. Hi.

      If you are traveling from India, you don’t need any Visa in Bali.
      When you will land in Kuala Lumpur, you will wait in the designated area of the LCCT and then go through security check again to board your onward flight to Bali.

      You won’t need any type of VOA for KL or Bali.

      When you will land in Bali, on immigration counter, you will present your Indian passport and it will be stamped with the date of entry.

      No further formalities need to be done.

      1. I think the information here give is incorrect. Please correct me if i am wrong. You will require transit visa to check in again in KUL airport and VOA at cost of 25 $ in bali for 30 days. Pls check visa immigration website of Malaysia & Indonesia.

      2. Hi – no transit visa is required at Kuala Lumpur as long as you are within the same airport. All flights from India go via LCCT, with further onward flight to Bali via LCCT as well. Hence, no transit visa is required.
        For Bali VOA, there is no fee payable. I visited last year and wasn’t asked for any $25 visa fee.

  19. Hi Abhinav ,

    Thanks for the detailed information. I have few questions related to bali as i am planning to go bali with my fiance so it would be great if you can sort out my queries.

    1. would it be great idea to book room/hotel after reaching bali instead prior trip as i guess there might be difference in rates in hotels booking from here and there? Can you suggest some good resort or hotels for couples in bali?
    2. how much it cost for two person in bali 7Days trip ?

    1. Hi Mayank,
      Booking an accommodation from here is a better idea as you get better deals. I traveled to Bali in Jun-Jul 2017 for 15 days & didn’t book a hotel for the last 7 days of my stay. When i started scouting i noticed that the online prices were high or showing no rooms, however, my taxi guy helped me and arranged a great deal at the last minute.
      It depends what you expect from the hotels and what budget you have kept for the trip but Bali has great clean hotels at good prices as compared to what you will get in touristy locations in India.
      I stayed in Pullman Seminyak, Adi Dharma Kuta, Ramada Encore, Sri Ratih Ubud and Kuppu Kuppu In Gill T through AirBnB and the whole idea was to experience various levels of hotels at best prices.
      The trip costed me approx 2.5 L (hiring independent taxi for travel & trip to Gilli).
      Hope it helps. Dont wait..reach Bali & you will plan another visit soon..

  20. Dear Abhinav,
    thanks for all the answer and information i have cleared allmost doubt. but i want to clear fews.

    1) I want to book 3 days hotel in kuta and 3 days in seminayak. Goibibo or MMT will be best?
    2) for sight seeing and tourist guide what should we do inter hotel transfer and local visit like tanah lot ubud kintamani what should we do do we hire taxi or blue bird taxi.
    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Bharat,
      Be careful about Blue Bird taxi in Bali. You will find all taxis operating with Blue Bird on it but the real ones are with Blue Bird Group displayed and the drivers wear blue uniforms with and search internet on this topic as well.
      Taxis are cheap. I took advice from Abhinav and hired a local guy from India itself and the guy was amazing. He not only took great care of us but also helped us get a good hotel deal. Contact Rudi +6281338364331
      All sites are great for online booking but I personally got some good deals on
      Hope it helps

  21. Hi actually I’m planning to visit Bali on 19 th March and I have a connecting flight from Singapore.. do I need any transit visa for dt .. if stay is only for 5 hours

  22. Hi, I am travelling from India to Bali. I have a layover of around 9 hours in Kulala Lumpur. Do i need a transit visit to leave KL airport and be back for my Bali flight?

  23. Hey Mate,

    Thanks for all the tips and posts.

    I need your help to get the details of any trusted taxi driver you have in Bali. I will be travelling there in next few days.

    Help me out. Cheers!!

  24. Hello Yoga, Are u still around to take us around Bali, I have still planning my itinerary and would mostly be in Bali from 8th Aug – 12th Aug. I have send you my hotel booking details and the itinerary as early as i have it planned. Is your WA number still the same :(Whatsapp no. +62.878.6198.4833)- need your confirmation.

    Thanks Abhinav for sharing your experience, was nice to get all the required info from your blog.

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