Meghalaya: Beauty, Fun & Adventure – All packed in one

Itinerary for a 2N/3D vacation

Day 1:

It is recommended that you drive to Cherrapunji from Guwahati. Hire a cab which’ll be with you throughout the trip. Leave latest by noon so you reach the resort in time to enjoy a perfect dinner by the fireplace. Do remember to stop by Umiam Lake for a picturesque view of the lake amidst the beautiful ranges.

Umaim lake, the picture doesn’t really do justice to the view
And the option of a boat ride in their locally crafted boats
Three step waterfall, Sweet Falls
Three step waterfall, Sweet Falls, also on the way and definitely worth a view

There is nothing like having a drink while sitting by the fireplace in mildly cold weather and if you’d like to do the same make sure you carry your poison along with you. The place where we stayed, Saimika Resort, is in the middle of no-where and a tributary flows alongside. You can go and chill by the river side the next morning.

Saimika Resort

Day 2:

Begin with a good breakfast as a long day lies ahead. A few attractions that can be visited in Cherrapunji before you make your way to Mawlynnong:

Seven Sisters Waterfalls: (must visit in monsoon for its breathtaking beauty). Spend some time exploring the limestone caves. These caves are called Mawsmai caves and you’ll have an amazing time exploring it.

There’s Mawsmai Eco-park as well but you can skip it if you have a time crunch.

We couldn’t cover the Double-Decker Living Root Bridge in Cherrapunji due to shortage of time, try if you can fit it in your schedule (It takes another 4-5 hours to cover this). And if you happen to miss it, like we did, do not worry, there is one in Mawlynnong which is also pretty good.

You should definitely go to Lumshynna Caves, also situated in Cherrapunji which are more treacherous and interesting than Mawsmai. It’ll be better if you hire a guide there. It’s very nominal.

Make sure that you stop by for some adventure sport on the way. There are well-trained Zip lining guides ready to give you an experience of a lifetime.

That's Akshay, going for a smooth zipline ride after a short session with the pros
That’s Akshay, going for a smooth zipline ride after a short session with the pros

You can cover all of these and still reach Mawlynnong in time for an early dinner and a walk around the village.

We had booked a home-stay that had a private tree-house (Take a wine up there and spend a perfect night under the stars). The local residents, typically known as Khasis, are extremely hospitable. There is no menu, they give you the same food that they eat and I assure you that it is lip smacking.

The tree house, where we spent an entire evening gazing at the stars
The tree house, where we spent an entire evening gazing at the stars

Day 3

Kick-off the day with a visit to the Living Roots Bridge. One of the many ways by which nature surprises us. It is a 30 min trek to reach to the bridge. Local hawkers sell Pineapple on the way. Please don’t miss eating fresh pineapple on this trip, very fresh and juicy!

Living root bridge

Post this, head to Dawki, takes around 2 hours from Mawlynnong. Once here, take a boat ride on probably one of the cleanest rivers in India, River Umngot. You can also go on river rafting but do check the right season for it before you go. We went in the winters but you can surely take a plunge in the clean waters to have a once in a lifetime experience.

Boat Ride in River Umngot

You can actually see the Bangladeshi people having their share of fun on the other side of the river. Since you are here already, dont miss out on the Bangladesh Border, marked by a mere one feet wide drain that stretches along as far as the eyes could see!

And then we came back to Indian side 🙂 and started on our journey back home. Well, his home, I still had the journey from Guwahati to Bangalore to cover, but Meghalaya, with all it’s beauty, made the whole effort completely worth it.

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