Meghalaya: Beauty, Fun & Adventure – All packed in one

Who would think that one would choose North-East India as a long weekend getaway while sitting in Bangalore. Well, it becomes a sensible option when your boyfriend is a Sales Manager posted in Guwahati.

A trip was long overdue and with the onset of a new year, we fixed upon mid-January as the perfect time for the travel. It was a long weekend and without further ado, I booked my to-fro tickets from Bangalore to Guwahati.

We zeroed in on Meghalaya for this weekend, leaving the rest of the North-East to be covered in my subsequent visits.

Why Meghalaya

Meghalaya – which means the abode of clouds – is a hilly state in North East India which shares its border with Assam on three sides and Bangladesh on the fourth. It is home to two of the wettest places on earth (Cherrapunji and Mawsynram), some majestic waterfalls, limestone caves and warm & hospitable Khasi people.

Situated at just a 2 hour drive from Guwahati is the state capital – Shillong – which is famous for its unique culture and food.

Out of the spectacular bouquet that Meghalaya has to offer, we decided to cover three, each with a special attraction of its own.


It is one of the wettest places on Earth, yes, that’s the amount of waterfall it experiences


Said to be the cleanest village in all of Asia


Famous for a river Umngot, where the water is so clear that when seen from a distance, it appears as if the boat is floating in mid-air! You can also say Hi to Bangladesh from the border near the lake

Not just a typical romantic destination, Meghalaya also has its share of fun and adventure to offer.


Time to face your fear of darkness! The caves in Meghalaya (we visited two of them, one in Cherrapunji and other on our way to Mawlynnong) are pitch dark, only source of light being the torch lights. These are rich in Calcite formations. We could also see the cave fauna from hundreds and thousand years ago still engraved in the walls. One of these caves stretches so long, we were told that one of the Explorers walked inside for three days straight and still could not find an exit, had to ultimately turn around and come back!

Exploring the Lime stone caves
Exploring the Lime stone caves

Zip Lining

Come face to face with your fear of heights as you zip across from one hill to another on a cable. There are experts who’ll make sure they teach you how to control the speed and when to stop.

Zip lining over the beautiful mountains
Zip lining over the beautiful mountains


The What , Where and How

Where to Stay:

Saimika Resort, Cherrapunji – This resort is in the middle of no-where and has a very rustic feel to it.

  • Rs 2500 for a cottage which has a fireplace inside.
  • Please have sandwiches here, they were to die for. Also, Chicken broth with vegetables can be a good choice for a healthy meal.
Saimika Resort : Cherrapunji

Ila-Jong Home stay, Mawlynnong – You get to stay in the house with locals here and this is one of the best because it has its own tree house in the backyard.

  • Rs 2500 for a room and do make sure you book it before you go because there are only a few rooms available.
  • Enjoy the star studded night in the tree house with a bottle of wine
  • And the land that you see from above the tree house, that’s part of Bangladesh


Where to eat:

  • If you are a maggi fan, then this trip is going to be double fun for you because you get all kinds of soupy maggis in Mawlynnong
  • Try local khasi cuisine in Cherrapunji, you can ask at the resort where you can get this cuisine
  • Do not miss the fresh pineapple, sold on street by local vendors.

How to reach :

  • We had booked a Maruti Ritz from a known taxi operator in Guwahati  and the fare was Rs.9/km and Rs. 250 for the driver per day. It was very comfortable and the driver was friendly too, in all it costed around 5-6 k for a round trip.

The 2N/3D Itinerary

While that was just a short glimpse of what Meghalaya has to offer and why it interested us in particular, Check out how we planned our 3 day itinerary here Long weekend in Meghalaya

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