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A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Hi guys, I am Shasha, an amateur blogger but an ardent traveler, who likes to capture moments and memories in words and pictures. In coming few weeks, I shall be sharing with you some of my sugary spice experiences at some of the most fabulous places in India.

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An engineering graduate from IIT Kanpur. A MBA to follow it up, from SP Jain Mumbai. To end with, Investment Banking. So WH Davies can aptly smile at me and say, son, “what is this life if full of care!” And that is my point exactly. It is easier to spend money in this world, but it is very tough to spend time wisely, as none of us have a wallet to keep it in. No matter who we are, all of us have those very 24 hours, those very 7 days in a week, and those very, very important, 52 weekends in a year.

So yes, I travel in my vacations. Memories and experiences are what I collect, and this is what I aim to share with you through my posts. I love taking pictures, and they aptly serve in reliving my experiences. They are like my eyes, which have finally stopped time, and formed a wallet for me. In my blogposts, you shall find a lot of pictorial elements, to engross you and bring the world closer to you.

Have fun!

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A complete geek traveller, he makes the most of his gadgets even while on the move. Loves Driving, Photography, Blogging. Has lived in 10+ Indian cities and plans to continue the trend.

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