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We have been travelling significantly in the past few months and will be sharing all relevant experiences and information soon. But, to make it more relevant for you, start by telling us which place interests you, and we will blog about it on priority. 

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A complete geek traveller, he makes the most of his gadgets even while on the move. Loves Driving, Photography, Blogging. Has lived in 10+ Indian cities and plans to continue the trend.

8 thoughts on “What next at Travellers’ Appetite?”

  1. Traveling for me is something more than going to a destination. It includes a detailed research before hand, the kind of food, the popular places, the lifestyle, the best time to visit, places nearby, the amount of time to be spent, finances required(ofcourse)etc. And then exploring the place accordingly with best possible combination of all.

    1. Thank you Pulkit. We have tried to incorporate some of the aspects mentioned by you and in the future posts will try to cover all of them.
      Thank you for sharing , it will definitely help us to make our posts more useful for the readers.

  2. Travel is an external physical journey that i love to undertake in order to know myself better.I’m working on PROJECT MYSELF..which is to expose myself to various situations,explore new lands and encounter my fears and passions on the way and thereby know myself more and more…I love to meet new people and see how others are undertaking this journey called Life..i’m passionate about Life and love myself a lot.

  3. I live to travel. Job, career, etc. are the breathers in between. All the time I’m thinking of my next trip and planning for it. I have a bad attack of the travel bug.

  4. Hi. I am Bankim shah and am 60 yrs old. I love travelling. I am planning 8 days tour to Sikkim in Feb 2016. I read your Sikkim one week itinery and is really helpful. I would like to know about all the places in India worth visiting. I had been to Kerala, Leh-Ladakh, Jaipu, Jodhpur-Jaisalmer, Bikaner , Saurashtra. Next I am planning to cover Assam.

  5. I am yet to find a place on web that could suggest kid friendly destinations. To my mind following are the characteristics of kid friendly destination :
    1. Availability of homestays with facility to cook food for kids
    2. An itinerary that allows travel within city limits
    3. Good weather
    4. Safe destination

    1. That’s right Mukta! Off late we have received a lot of comments seeking inputs on making the trip kid-friendly / seniors-friendly.

      Thanks for mentioning the relevant points. I have used these to answer to such questions on my post about Sikkim (Kid friendly / Seniors Friendly) 🙂

      Happy Travelling!

  6. Hi

    My name is preethi. We are going to sikkhim as a family and we are 3 adults and 2 kids just want to know as everyone said it will be a problem for kid in nathulla pass and Yamthung valley? please tell us some gud itenary we want lachen lachund nathula only nature and grete adventure sort of activities and cold. I have seen ur sikkhim travelled itenar and it was very gud an very helpful for me to take note for our travel. keep up the good work and continue the same


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