Ranthambore : Into the Wilderness

Drive deep into lush green forests in a zone where by no means are you allowed to get out of the vehicle, and walking even a couple of steps is prohibited.  See wild animals, not behind bars but in their natural habitat living their lives like they are meant to – in the jungle. Crocodiles lazing, Sambar deer running about, peacocks dancing and if you are lucky maybe you will even be able to spot a diurnal tiger that this place is famous for.

This and so much more is in store for you just five hours away from the concrete jungle of Delhi. It’s a regular spot for wildlife and nature lovers but even for regular travellers like me, who just want to do something other than the usual on a weekend, Ranthambore national park is a treat.

Here’s a quick snapshot:

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48 Hours in Mathura: The mystical city of saints, food and folklore

I have visited the city of Lord Krishna at least a dozen times before, but this was the first time I was able to see the city from the eyes of a traveller. It was only in this trip that I realized that this city has a lot to offer. Even if you are not a religious person you must visit this place for the history and folk lore associated with every nook and corner of the city.

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The magic of Parvati Valley and its less explored villages

Sometimes you want to just get away from the city life and lose yourself in a trance. Walk with no destination in mind and chance upon a hidden village. Sit in surroundings so beautiful that you lose yourself and end up watching the sun rise and set from the same spot. Drink from fresh water streams and party with the people from some untouched villages in their style.

Driven by these thoughts, we chanced upon Kasol while going through another blog for the wanderers. Little could we control ourselves, and in a jiffy, 11 of us just packed whatever we could find and headed towards this beautiful and magnificent Parvati Valley (in Himachal Pradesh) in a bid to explore Kasol and the nearby towns. Continue reading The magic of Parvati Valley and its less explored villages

Nandi Hills – a long drive escapade

As weekend approaches, there’s a new rush of energy that builds up to celebrate the end of work week. Living in Bangalore, Nandi Hills pans out to be a brilliant option to tap that energy. It’s a complete experience with an overnight drive, midnight snacks and coffee at the Airport, scenic drive up the Nandi Hills, a beautiful sunrise to welcome the day, and breathtaking views from the hilltop to begin your weekend!

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Pondicherry – a beach-ful french retreat

When you’re working and you live in Bangalore you ultimately get tired of the same routine weekends of hopping from Koramangala to MG road to Indiranagar going from a coffee shop to a brewery to a bakery and back to coffee again.

For one of those times, when you want to experience the calm of a beach, Pondicherry is just the place. Just around eight hours away by road you reach into the land of French architecture & beautiful beaches. Continue reading Pondicherry – a beach-ful french retreat

Rishikesh – an adventurer’s extravaganza

If you’re looking for a destination which offers an adrenaline rush, while being close to nature and experience living in totally raw surroundings, then Rishikesh is your answer. Complete with River Rafting, bungee Jumping, Flying Fox, Treks, Camp stay and awesome food, you simply can’t resist this one! Continue reading Rishikesh – an adventurer’s extravaganza

The mystical Deoria Tal and the beautiful journey that awaits you

When it comes to weekend getaways, a lot of us want to look at the less-explored options for all the variety and peace they offer. This trip from Delhi to Deoria Tal, Uttarakhand was a similar one and proved to be quite a delight with a view of the Himalayas, a good trekking experience and a brilliant feeling to go back with. Continue reading The mystical Deoria Tal and the beautiful journey that awaits you