And should this be the second post?

I was wondering how an excerpt would like in the mail we send out to people as well as the blogroll that is published on the blog. Hence this experiment. I know i’m getting too much caught in the “how” of the blog instead of the “what” the blog is supposed to talk about. Coz ultimately, the readers will care about the “what” and not really the “how”. But yes, a gud “how” will ensure that we don’t lose any of our potential readers. But this is the last test, and then we’re off to work on the “what” in full steam.

Test Post for inserting the image

Hey. this is the new template of how we will be using the image. this para will be the introductory paragraph. and this is the only thing that will be visible. max we can put one small length-full width image capturing cost, with whom to go, days required, etc.. basically a full width image covering just 2-3 lines. this intro and the image will end here.

image which is 2-3 lines long> Continue reading Test Post for inserting the image